Amadeus is the platform for Population Health Management and Precision Medicine that provides healthcare professionals with the real-time cognitive support they need to make the best possible decisions at the point of care.


Amadeus is a highly scalable platform built on modern technology that can aggregate all types of health data, from both traditional and non-traditional sources. The open platform scales to accommodate the vast amount of data generated by new models of care, to support the journey from population health management to precision medicine. Amadeus's API management layer allows third party developers to build new capabilities on the platform, creating an innovative healthcare ecosystem.

Benefits of Amadeus

Key Features

Store and manage big health data

Built using the latest storage technologies and a distributed processing architecture, Amadeus is unparalleled in its ability to extract maximum value from today's data and prepare organisations for tomorrow's exponential data growth. Purpose-built for scale, Amadeus capitalizes on three of the leading frameworks from the open source, distributed computing revolution that ensure high-performance processing and query capability over massive data sets.

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Integrate non-traditional data

With Orion Health Amadeus, you can extract future value from data collected today. Integrating genomic and other new data sources into the patient record opens the door for physicians to make diagnostic and treatment decisions based on a deeper understanding of a patient’s pre-disposition to particular illnesses and the likely effectiveness of specific treatments. Layering genome data over other forms of patient data will help accelerate the ability of researchers to identify links between particular variants and patient conditions/outcomes.

Gain real-time insights

Streaming data from the Data Engine to the Analytics Engine in real-time, Amadeus converts already aggregated and normalised data into well-structured patient registries that help identify pain points in a population and drive proactive care initiatives. The intuitive Population Health Explorer in Amadeus is an analytics tool that lets users interactively explore data sets, discover meaningful insights and identify gaps in care.

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Drive innovation and discovery

Amadeus enables third-party developers to access its rich data and services, and leverage a superior patient-centric record, through its API Management layer and Open REST-based APIs. Organizations can develop specialty applications through which users can securely interact with authorized records, improving the delivery of care and creating a competitive advantage in new market models. Open APIs are governed by standards-based OAuth2 security, enabling access from multiple client types such as mobile devices, browser-based clients and server-based clients for B2B access.

Optional Add-Ons to Amadeus

  • Amadeus is a horizontally scalable platform built on distributed DBMS technology for maximum scalability to meet customers growth needs, making it the platform to deliver Precision Medicine. The architecture of the platform has been specifically designed to handle large amounts of highly variable data coming from many different sources, taking advantage of the scalability, performance, and flexibility of Apache’s Cassandra distributed database system. This database is used by some of the largest consumers of data in the world, including Apple, Instagram, Comcast, and Disney.


    CEO, Orion Health

  • Orion Health is one of the first healthcare IT companies to take advantage of it in anticipation of the exponential growth in healthcare data that is about to emerge from new data sources, such as high frequency telemetry data, and genomic sequencing data, combined with the generalisation of complete electronic medical records.


    CEO, Orion Health

Knowledge Hub


  • Rhapsody Integration Engine
  • The Data Engine
  • Data Access
  • Clinical Services
  • Core Services

Designed to offer rapid and reliable integration, Rhapsody provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify complex healthcare interoperability. It is the first integration engine to implement the HL7® FHIR® standard. Orion Health has over 20 years of experience in healthcare integration and understands what is required to integrate numerous sources of data as needed for a precision medicine platform.

Through Rhapsody, Orion Health Amadeus sources patient information from numerous third-party systems, whether from transactional messages (HL7) or bulk file exchanges for presentation in lists. We have integrated thousands of different systems and we typically leverage work completed from previous integrations. Integration to source systems is enabled at the portal-level and through electronic messaging.

Raw Data Store

A massively scalable message and document archive for storing and indexing all data received from source systems in its raw form.

Data Processing Pipeline

A distributed processing engine that provides the bridge between the Raw Data Store and the Data Spaces. Processing routes retrieves data from the Raw Data Store and processes it through a series of configurable validation, mapping, enrichment and normalisation tasks before updating the target Data Space.

Data Spaces:

Clinical Data Spaces

A rich set of structured data models for processing clinical messages such as HL7® and C-CDA and capturing core clinical concepts such as encounter, diagnosis, procedure, problem, allergy, lab, radiology and microbiology results. The data models are securely accessible through FHIR-compliant REST APIs.

Genome Data Spaces

We store a patient’s variant cell data from whole or partial genome sequencing and provide access to that data via APIs using genetic summary dashboards. The variant data is available to the the decision support system using pharmacogenetic information to provide support in drug prescribing and other activities.

Payer Data Spaces

A range of data models derived from medical claim, pharmacy claim and membership data. Each of the models is accessible through privacy and security enabled REST APIs.

Consumer Data Spaces

Designed around the FHIR Observation resource, Consumer Data Spaces enable the processing and storage of data from consumer devices and apps and unlocks the significant potential of remote patient monitoring initiatives. The data models are securely accessible through FHIR-compliant REST APIs.

Custom Data Spaces

Provides customers with the ability to deploy custom data models solely through configuration, allowing for rapid prototyping of new domain models and the capture of customer specific data sets. In addition to providing the storage infrastructure for these custom models, Custom Data Spaces automatically generate REST APIs that apply the required security, privacy, auditing, patient matching and enrichment functionality, enabling both Orion Health and third party applications to consume the captured data.


Open APIs

Amadeus assists with innovation in healthcare by providing third-party developers with the ability to harness its rich data and services. This access is provided via open REST-based APIs that enable third-party organisations to develop specialty applications that allow healthcare workers, scientists, or patients to securely interact with authorized records. This gives developers the ability to build innovative applications to create competitive advantage for their organization in new market models.

Bulk Download

Bulk Download allows organisations to maximise their existing investment in analytics by integrating data from the Patient Registries directly into their data warehouse and analytics platforms. Extracts can filtered by configurable access rules to ensure that recipients are only provided with the data that they both need and are entitled to access.

Clinical Portal

Amadeus provides an all-encompassing precision medicine platform that can aggregate and manage all types of data. This aggregated record is immensely valuable to clinical users (and care coordinators) and is made available via the rich, simple user interface of the Clinical Portal. The web-based portal provides access to a timeline view that summarises the patient’s record based on all sources – clinical, genomic, behavioural or other source.

 Clinical Companion

Clinical Companion is a mobile application that empowers clinical staff in hospitals to view vital patient information while conducting ward rounds. The app provides the functionality to view a list of patients, search for a patient across the hospital, view a single patient's demographic information, view their lab results, write notes and create personal tasks to be completed.

 Clinical Notifications

With patients visiting multiple healthcare organisations throughout their community, it is important to keep relevant parties informed about a patient’s ongoing care and treatment. Notification and subscription management is a clinical feature of Amadeus that enables real-time messaging of critical information, ensuring that providers know about patient events outside their organization. The notifications tool distributes relevant alerts and clinical information about pre-defined events such as a hospital admission, discharge or finalised laboratory results available for review.

 EMR Connect

Amadeus often holds important clinical information not available to a user’s traditional EMR system. EMR Connect brings this important information to the attention of the clinical user with the use of a lightweight desktop component. This component integrates with the EMR system to detect when a patient record is viewed, and displays relevant information from the Amadeus platform – thus saving time and increasing patient safety. 

Patient Matching

The ability to match patient information from numerous, and varied, source systems of data is key to creating a valuable patient-centric. Amadeus manages this with an advanced master patient index (MPI) to facilitate patient matching, data quality management and interoperability.

Privacy and Consent

Amadeus includes an advanced privacy implementation that provides granular access to data elements based on the user’s role and the sensitivity of the data. The privacy module provides a unique and simplified user interface that enables advanced privacy rules to be implemented in today’s complex healthcare environments.

 Semantic Normalisation

The Amadeus precision medicine platform creates a patient centric record based on data from numerous sources. However, with the inclusion of new data sources from non-clinical settings, we find that our source systems speak different languages and use different dialects. Our advanced Terminology Services simplifies and normalises the different languages to create an intelligent aggregated record where the information can be analysed and understood by those who need it. 

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