Orion Health Coordinate leverages the rich clinical data in Orion Health Amadeus to enable patient-centric care through better decision-making and fully-informed actions.

As a comprehensive set of tools, Coordinate provides the technology for care teams to collaborate, proactively manage care, and take preventative action through the creation of complex clinical pathways, care planning, medication management, and clinical documentation. Orion Health Coordinate seamlessly integrates across systems to offer the most complete set of tools and data connections to power effective care coordination across multiple settings.

Care Coordination Tool | Overview

Benefits of Coordinate

Key Features

Collaborative Worklists

Collaborative Worklists enable a multidisciplinary approach to coordinated care. Patients, stratified by common characteristics, can be added to a list that is shared by one or more users – clinicians, administrators, case managers, or coordinators who have responsibility for reviewing, working and managing that patient population. Members of the team can view tasks associated with an individual patient or a list of tasks assigned to them across all patients they are engaging with. Collaborative worklists can improve care coordination across care teams.

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Care Plan: Personalised

Care Plans are used to encourage ongoing collaboration between patient and coordinators on specific Goals and Actions that the patient wishes to achieve. For each specified Goal, there is a measurable target that the patient and their care team can record and track progress against. Actions are added to provide the patient with the “how” they will achieve their goal and Barriers are identified that might hinder progress. Progress can be captured, displayed, tracked and monitored over time. When paired with Orion Health Engage, Coordinate provides “shared access”, where patients and coordinators can review, edit, comment on and print the same Care Plan.

Circle of Care

Circle of Care connects members of a care team, and is pivotal to care coordination and care management. It facilitates the identification and sharing of information about the network of people and organisations that play a role in the care and support of a patient. Every patient can invite a representative to have access into their patient portal account to participate on their behalf. The Circle of Care is organised into: Friends and Family, Care Team, and Organisations. It controls privacy, optionally enabling or restricting access to the patient’s record on a per-person basis. The Circle of Care can also optionally monitor real-time interface messaging to automatically capture suggested participants to add to the patient’s network. It offers optional integration with Provider Directory technology, ensuring that standardised provider information is sourced into the patient’s record.

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Care Pathways

This provides the tools that clinicians and coordinators need to deliver a streamlined patient journey. Care Pathways enables predictable, optimised workflows to support and manage programs of care and chronic conditions. Care Pathways seamlessly models an array of best practice guidelines and document workflows through the healthcare system, both within a hospital setting and across an entire community, supporting a wide range of task demands, from simple documents to highly sophisticated workflows.

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